How We Use Time Shifting and Time Travel to Pass Messages. This Zuckerberg Testifying Video Has Great Examples of Signals, and Time Shifting.

See that woman behind with her hand at her ear? That’s a live message to me, Hera, sent today, May 29, during the hearing a couple of months back. Zuckerberg’s testimony starts at about 3 minutes in, so advance to that. Today is the first day I’ve watched this video. Zuckerberg is a Grey Alien in a “human suit.” The people around him mostly are Reptilians and unwitting humans. The Reptilians and Greys can see everything I see, through my own eyes. I am their primary hostage (Hera speaking). They broadcast everything I see to the Greys and Reptilians here.

So every time I watch something on TV or in the movies, there is always a brush off signal within the first minute of watching. They want me to stop watching, or they want someone to stop me from watching, them…. But here they do not realize that I know who and what Mark Zuckerburg is. He’s not a Traveler Three. He’s a Nine. A Grey inside a human body, which the Greys clone all the time. Tell-tale signs are the little sounds he makes when he gets uncomfortable or hot. The Greys do that. And the way he tries to hold his face like Commander Data from Star Trek.

In any event, because this is an important Grey and he is testifying before congress, and especially because so many people here can see exactly what I see as though through my own eyes, I get “the brushoff signal” left and right in this video. There are numerous brush off signals, but you Travelers ought to be familiar with many of them.

In this video they are: sticking out the tongue (shorthand for spitting) at 3:06; scratching the nose or face at 3:11, 4:01, 4:07, 4:08, 4:22, two different people scratching their noses at 5:00; combing the hair (the literal “brush” off) at 3:17-18, 4:04, 4:19, 4:24; picking lint off, making “big bulging eyes” to inform me that there are “eyes on me” at 3:40; smiling, which is code for “smile for the cameras” at 3:14; coughing at 4:31, and reaching for the throat at 4:54 that I honestly am not familiar with, maybe that is like coughing, which is “clearing your throat” to send a message to “clear out.” There’s a handsignal at 5:34 that I can’t make out. This guy is not a Three. He’s a Grey.

Watch the blond behind Zuck beginning at 5:30. She begins to blink excessively. That is not a signal. That is a trait of the Reptilians. They work together with the Greys. When the Reptilians receive direct to skull communications in their heads, they blink as they process that info, unless well-trained not to blink. She is blinking because whoever is speaking is receiving his words direct to skull and simply repeating them. That means he also is a Reptilian. Count her blinks. Interestingly, Zuck also is blinking at this direct to skull transmission, which means there is a Reptilian in there, maybe “assisting” the Grey, or maybe instead of the Grey who usually occupies that body. They can and do “jump around.”  Another “eye area” scratch at 5:52 by the blond. The guy directly behind Zuck is darting his eyes around nervously. Not because of the hearing, but because he can’t believe no one is stopping me from blogging this video! He’s not blinking though, because he’s doing this other darting thing, and he’s controlling his lips, which the Reptilians also do, to avoid having their tongues dart out at a bad time, such as while on live national TV sitting behind the guy testifying to Congress. Reach for the ear at 6:17 by the woman behind the blond. They can hear you! is what she is saying. Yeah, I know. The only people who don’t know what is going on here are among the human population. The targets. She then brushes her hair back at 6:31. The Greys and Repts already know these signals and they are the ones in this crowd signaling to me to stop watching. Count the blinks! Watch the lips. There is no secret Traveler language that they don’t know. They are among you. Earth is their Grid. 

Anyway, watch the video and watch all these people shift around nervously in practically a frenzy trying to get me to stop watching the video. lol. That is a vicious Grey Alien you are shielding. STOP. Those are Reptilians sitting all around him who eat humans while pretending to be human. Stop. Those Greys are controlling your minds. Get ahold of yourselves. You are not the same. The Boss race who come in here to brutalize humans are coming in here as “Reptilians” so that they aren’t recorded doing hideous things. There is no such thing as Reptilians outside of this Grey Grid System.

Start at 3 minutes in and count the facial expressions and shifts in all the people behind Zuckerberg. They are doing this now, today, May 29, and not when this video was recorded. When we change something with time shifting, it changes it to the point of origin. Now it suddenly always has been that way. They actually are the ones doing it though, it is not “doctored” after the fact. That is time shifting. They there, then, see me here, now.

via (4) Check out what Mark Zuckerberg did ON CAMERA – YouTube

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