THAT’S NO JOKE. Zuck’s a GREY. Here’s Zuckerberg Intentionally Slipping Up While Trying to Claim to be a HUMAN

This goes with the other post we just put up. Zuckerberg is actually a Grey, not a Reptilian. He says in this video that he “was human.”  What does that mean? That the human body he now occupies once was a “human body” belonging to a human being. Now there is a Grey in there “Driving” that “human suit.” He didn’t slip up, that was an inside joke to his fellow Greys. They destroy human souls and occupy those empty body shells.

But that doesn’t mean Zuck “was human” in this time loop. There are multiple loops, and he likely was a human in some previous loop. Zuck is a Grey leader. I don’t know why there is a Reptilian jumping in and out of him at times, which you can see in his eyes. Probably because he gets nervous in the spotlight and asks for help. He’s holding that eye contact with the interviewer because he is nervous.

Zuck references “Nickelback” at 6:34 as a secret code word shout out. He is the Nickelback song. Greys are called “silver,” “tin” or “nickel” because they are metallic grey colored. He’s telling the audience that he’s a Grey. He’s telling the Greys in the audience that he’s a Grey anyway. The song they play instead of Nickelback in the video is sort of an electronica that sounds evil. That is actually what the Greys compose and listen to. Look at our Heavy Breathing posts, those are Greys too. And it has “Dolan Dark” on the screen while the song plays, as a credit. “Dark” is a code word for the Greys too. Dark and “night” and “moon.”  Dark is Grey, and light is human. Here’s our code word lexicon. They make these jokes about killing all the humans all the time. ah ha ha ha. Except they mean it, and they also think it is funny. They torture and mutilate and kill humans to entertain themselves.

I don’t give credit for these videos I repost because no one should want to be credited or called out on this blog that is seen and read by the Greys and Reptilians. 

via (4) Mark Zuckerberg Is Not Human – YouTube

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