Watch 2 Reptilians Being “Driven” by the Same “Upstairs” Being (Grey Alien or Boss Alien), While Fox News Plays Dumb (#FakeNews).

That’s a Reptilian kid letting his hand slip into natural claw formation, and the parent darting his Reptilian tongue out in the blink of an eye. The full video is below. Pay attention to the shapes of their mouths, which are holographic overlays and so are oval shaped. Also notice how they both dart out their tongues repeatedly (meaning Reptilian). And of course they both move their mouths when only one of them is supposed to be talking. Very important that you get what is going on here, including the mass media’s attempts to cover up the screw up, and Neil Cavuto watching intently but not noticing the behavior. Set your YouTube settings to .25 speed to catch the tongues and other telltale behaviors.

via Interview called ‘creepiest thing ever’ – YouTube


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  1. I remember this old movie a movie that I know watched reruns, but cant remember One detail!

    2 friends have opinions that are as such… (PLZ send your OFFICIAL most truthful opinion on this matter)

    Friend setup opinion #1 … we are being held against our will, their “magictech” keeps us prisoner.. we break their prison.. here #ONEfam if we are stuck in a holo oloh ..
    Ship? WHERE? Want OFF!
    I dont remember what it was, I dont remember before the First Lie! You sound so hopeless wherever, whoever, whatever Fam of the ONE, Loving, sorrowful, angry yet hopeless.
    I still hear One show me what the TRUE memories speak of so that I/we may incite feeling of what that ONE is.


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