The Onion’s Latest Email Newsletter Jokes About Torturing and Killing Humans

Why’s the Onion’s latest newsletter strange and not funny? It’s because most of the jokes this week are inside jokes about raping and torturing humans to death. These are Grey Aliens (and Reptilians) attacking people. They control the government and the media. If you read our blog then hopefully you are familiar with their code words and their hideous activities. They are specific in their overt references to torturing people. They make the same references over and over again.

If you are unfamiliar with the code words and references that they use over and over in the media, here’s a quick Code Word Thesaurus we made (long before this Onion email was distributed today). Print that Lexicon out and keep it with you. They and we send messages in songs, TV shows and movies, and on billboards (and in the clouds!). We (and they) also have time travel, and we use it to send you these current messages in old shows and songs. You’ll need the decoder lexicon to make sense of what we are saying to you. And you’ll need it also to follow their hideous jokes and communications about their plans for the human race. They communicate through our mass media system, talking in easy to understand code. All you need to know is the context to understand their messages. That is what this blog is all about. Giving you the context, and identifying the speakers (Greys or humans), so that you’ll understand the messages.

Before getting to this Onion newsletter, below is a video showing an example of one of our messages in it’s most overt format, and below this we’ll walk through the Onion’s newsletter headlines. We want you to understand that this video by SecureTeam10 on YouTube went up on Sept 24, 2017 and addresses the speculation that the numbers “923” meant that the Apocalypse was set to occur on September 23, 2017. On this blog, we use examples of messages down on Earth and available to you, to show you what our messages mean. In the case of “923” we explained that the “9” stands for the Greys, that is their “Family Number,” and “23” is the version of Earth that is slated to be attacked. You are in time loop number 23 or as they call it, “Matrix 23,” as we explained using this Simpsons video (a show that we and they use as a message vehicle between you on Earth and us “upstairs” sitting in the future of you). As you can see by the video, time loop 23 is slated to be attacked.

The Nines in the Family control this time loop. Hence “9/23,” although they also have used those numbers to name radioactive substances. But that is because they plan to irradiate this Earth, but first they plan to torture the inhabitants. Here’s the Secure Team 10 video. The end is coming. But we use whatever means we have available to continue to push out the attack date. We cannot push it out much longer, the Greys have vastly superior technology. The “Beginning of the End” countdown for the Greys began with the Eclipse in August 2018. That is your reference point for calculating events that followed. There is no planet Ibiru or Niburu. Earth is not a planet. You are in a snowglobe-like structure created by the Greys and another race called the Boss. Please read the blog. The “alien attack” will begin off the coast of Los Angeleswhich we told you about in this highlighted link.

Below is another example of our attempts to send Alert messages, but our version of the song begins with the old broadcast warning signal that used to be played before emergency or urgent news messages on TV. That was intentional. It is now missing from the version available on YouTube. It still can be heard on some MP3 versions of the song. Below this video we have tried to upload our original version of the song, with the alert “bulletin” sound in the beginning.


Here’s our MP3 version, with the broadcast warning signal. Notice this band is Earth, Wind and Fire. That is wind and fire, coming to Earth. 

So understand that everything out there contains a message. Some are helpful and some are hideous. The Onion is hideous.  Here’s a few headlines from their latest email, explained:

The first is a reference to Nicole Brown Simpson being murdered by OJ Simpson, and also is intended to let us know that they read this blog and our comments to videos on YouTube. We recently have explained in comments on YouTube that Illuminati leader Kodiak has numerous human personas, one of them is OJ Simpson and another is Donald Trump. After he murdered Nicole, Kodiak had her cloned by the Greys, who are his army, and had her cloned in the past so that now in this present she is Megyn Kelly, a clone who is younger than Nicole Simpson. Then as Donald Trump, Kodiak aggressively attacks Megyn Kelly, and makes an inside joke about murdering Nicole: “There was blood coming out her eyes, blood coming out her nose, blood coming out her… wherever.” That is what Trump was talking about. We want the families of the victims of OJ Simpson to know how terribly sorry we are that they have suffered so much loss. We have time travel but so do Kodiak and his Greys. Kodiak is their leader. We are completely helpless to control Kodiak’s activities. We could not stop Simpson’s attacks, Trump’s attacks, Harvey Weinstein’s attacks, Jimmy Comet’s attacks on children, or these coming attacks on all of humanity by Kodiak’s army of insane Grey Aliens. 

Megyn Kelly’s body is cloned, but that is not Nicole Simpson. You humans are not your bodies. Your real awareness and existence is in your souls. Your bodies are a shell that the Greys control manufacture and replication of, although that seems preposterous. Look at our many posts about their cloning program, and here is one example where Hera attempts to streamline the information we discuss here (draft document).

Nicole Simpson and Megyn Kelly

And that is the what the Onion is “joking” about in this headline:

Blood Coming Out Her Eyes, her Nose, her wherever

— EXPLICIT WARNING— This is hideous and graphic. Do not read in front of children.

The next headline is a reference to raping and torturing a victim to death. We told you before and especially explained in the Lexicon that these evil “beings” break the victim’s legs and give the victim an episiotomy, then gang rape a victim seeing how many of them can “fit in the hole” at the same time. They make reference to this all the time. Another of Kodiak’s (the Grey leader) personas is Jimmy “Comet” (as in outer space comet). He jokes in his instagrams about how many “Pandas” can fit in the hole. They use “Panda”  references because a panda face resembles a hockey mask, which they use to terrorize child victims. The word “simple” also is a code word, it means “human.” So the below headline is a joke about “exercising your human while they ‘do the splits,'” which is what they call it when they break a victim’s legs.

A Rape and Torture Joke

In this headline, the Greys report to their pals outside of this “snowglobe Earth” that we have noticed that their faces and races appear in Kodiak’s movie Star Wars. The Cantina scenes are an homage to the alien visitors here who come down to prey upon the human population. We put up their Star Wars mugshots in this post and also in this post. They are the insane beings responsible for setting up this human farm for the Greys. They are the Kickstarter backers for Kodiak’s “project” human farm. 

This Human Farms Donors Identified


By the way Kodiak is Hans Solo, who originally is a gun runner with “borrowed” technology and space ship (the Millennium Falcon). That is Kodiak. He took the Boss’s technology and gave it to the Greys, wherein they together used it to develop this human farm we call Earth. (Bee is Yoda, a Grey, and Kodiak also is Darth Vader). Mos Eisley is Earth.

In the next headline, the Onion is referring to the killing of Hera. They try hard to convince the human Travelers that Hera is a “witch” or what is called a Family “Two.” The human Travelers are allowed to hunt, rape, torture and kill the Family Twos. A code word for the Twos is “cat” while “human” is “dog. Aliens are cats, witches are cats, humans are dogs, in their LexiconHere they are trying to drum up attackers to harm Hera. Do not harm Hera. This is the Parent talking and telling you. She is not a Two. Read the blog. She is trying to save your souls from being tortured by the Greys.

They want Travelers to think I am a CAT



The stripes on the tail represent the fact that Hera is obviously not a Two. When people see her in person they understand that she is not a Two. Then Bee runs around putting out notices that she is a disguised Two. Black cat hiding as a human Four, or whatever colors the Greys overlay on her that day. Hera is a One, which they call a “white diamond” and the colors are overlaid on her by the Greys using advanced holographic technology.


Finally, in the last one we’ll decode today, here the Greys are making an inside joke. The Greys are responsible for the Tether. It is Grey technology. If you hear voices in your head, chances are that you are not crazy, even if the voices sound crazy. Those are Greys using direct to skull technology. In addition to that, the Greys actually miniaturize themselves and travel inter-dimensionally and in that manor they actually can put themselves inside your head, in microscopic size. They will cause you pain, they will control your bodily functions, your moods, and even your thoughts. You must constantly check your thoughts to be certain they are your own. They especially focus on turning human thoughts to inane and trivial matters, causing you to ruminate on them. In this way you are not focused on anything of any importance. You are not crazy. Read the blog, we talk about this a lot. They do cause you to feel anxious. They can increase your heartbeat and try to induce extreme anxiety. Once you understand that an external force is causing these symptoms and thoughts, it is easy to sweep them aside. Just set them aside and tell that Grey in your head to leave you alone. They can hear you talk inside your head, so no need to run around talking aloud to yourself and appearing crazy. They are hideous. The best example that they have made of broadcasting their plans for the human race are found in this decoded Heavy Breathing video.





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