This Official #YES Rock Video Tells An EASY TO DECODE Tale of How the Reptilians and Greys Prey on Humans (#Illuminati)

If you have read any of the other videos and songs we decode on this blog, or even if you have read the blog much at all, we tell you how important it is to learn for yourselves to decode not only our messages but those of the Reptilians and Greys here who are preying on the human population. This video from YES is a good opportunity to try decoding their messages for yourself. Here’s our Code Word Lexicon, and there are numerous examples on the blog of song lyrics and music videos decoded for you. It is important. We don’t have time to decode this for you, but it is easy to follow once you know that they are preying on humans, and causing you invisible pain, even driving many humans to suicide.  Nearly all song lyrics contain messages in Code, but also sounds in music convey messages (such as machine gun sounds and spaceship sounds), and the images and storylines in music videos have additional meaning.

This is a crazy overt video about harming humans. They are not using “mind power” although it looks that way. They actually harm you by operating a couple milliseconds into the future of you, making them invisible to you, yet you suffer pain from their attacks. It also is not magic. These same people make the Chemtrails. You won’t see planes laying the chemtrails, because the Reptilians make them with their aircraft in the future of you. So you see the effect of the attack but not the cause. They do the same thing with sending sound waves and other forms of energy that injures and incapacitates people. Since you can’t see the future, you can’t see them. You can see the effects, such as chemtrails in the sky, or suffer a “mystery illness” or injury. That is what they are showing at the end of the video, when the men on the ledge there fade in and out of the image and don’t approach the victim, but the victim suddenly is all beat up. They are moving in and out of the victim’s “time zone” while attacking him physically a couple of seconds ahead in the future. The attackers who vanish from view are doing the attacking, in the future. 

As we tell you in the Code Word Lexicon, the Twos are Reptilians and their code name also is “cats” whereas humans are “dogs.” “Spiders” are not in the Lexicon but that is a reference to David Bowie’s “Spiders from Mars” and Mars is a reference to the Greys, who call themselves Martians. (They are not from Mars.)


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