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There is no sane-sounding way to tell you that we have a Grey alien infestation. That these Greys head up a Satanic organization that they call the “Illuminati,” and that with the use of their advanced technology including time travel ability, they effectively are holding the entire Earth hostage. Because they have time travel ability, once they are in our lives they infest the entire time stream to where there was no time that they were not here. They present themselves here as Reptilians under human “shells.”


Do you see it? Squint to see how they look to the sleeping human population. Enlarge the image to see the insane Grey in there staring back at you.

They have rewritten our scripture, and our history. The movies now report our news, and the news is now Their movie. They are infesting our media and our government. They are Pizzagate, and they are even Sandy Hook. They may make up the actual majority of the “human” population. They replicate and use some sort of advanced holographic overlay to blend in with humans. They make movies and shows mocking our situation. They sing songs obviously about destroying us, and we sing along. We’ll try to continue to point you in the direction of objective evidence. But it isn’t easy. Once you see one human’s eyes turn into snake eyes, that should get the message across. Yet people go right back to sleep.

This isn’t our clip but it hits the highlights of what is occurring here on Earth. We only add that we don’t view any beings on Earth as “sheeple” or see you in any derogatory light. These Greys and other beings from Outside called “Boss,” (both of which are running around as “Reptilians” with a human overlay), can and do attack from both the ground and from above in massive spaceships, historically. We on Earth have no defenses for any of their capabilities. We cannot defend ourselves against them from within, meaning from Earth.

Please watch this video, and read our blog. There are people from outside of this Earth who are doing everything they can to help. But step one is to make you all aware of what is happening.

The co-heads of the Illuminati, who call themselves Kodiak and Bea, appear both to be Grey aliens, although it is possible that they are Boss instead, or even human beings from the Outside environment. They mimic each other and have Greys running around “filling in for them” in their human personas on Earth, at times, which makes it hard for us to pin down from what species they originate in the Outside environment.

They are plotting to kill our entire family and the entire human race. They occupy hundreds of human personas, and the Greys and Reptilians (Boss), and some human beings from the Outside “future” environment, occupy millions of “human cloaks” or “human suits” as they call them. They even are posing as our family here on “Earth.” (This Earth sits hundreds of years in the past from the “upstairs” environment where the Illuminati live.) Kodiak and Bea also pose as our children, especially with respect to the “Travelers society.”  Kodiak and “Queen Bee” are the secret heads of the Illuminati, Masons, Shriners, Travelers and Scientology.  They use secretive societies to shield their activities from the awareness of the human population at large, since a tenet of membership in such societies is not to talk about whatever information you have about your society and what its members are doing. They divide their dirty work up among these societies so that none of the members of any one group has all of the pieces of their puzzle. The majority of humans on Earth are members of one of these societies.  Please bear in mind that your leaders are insane, vicious Grey Aliens who plan to wipe out humanity. They do this for fun. They have done it in 16 previous time loop versions of Earth. By opening time windows to the past, they have complete control over the Earth window they have opened, and the people living within it. Please stop following their lead and stop keeping their secrets, which only serve to enable them to prey upon the human race.

They are torturing and killing all of our family and the entire human race, over and over again, by killing us and then opening time loops to our past to do it again. This is why this “Earth” now sits hundreds of years in the past, because we are literally “spinning our wheels” here. If you read this from upstairs or outside, do not rush into this environment, you likely will be trapped here too. Be aware that they imitate and pretend to be all members of our entire family.  They have uploaded our memories and have that database of our voices, and the people and places we know and even just have encountered in the past, vividly available to draw upon while pretending to be us (or those people in our memories).  Because of their ability to mimic, and “play back” our lives, this blog often swings with varying information. For example, we did not know when we began that Illuminati leader Kodiak, who is Baphomet, also actually is the personas of all the Traveler subgroup leaders, including Robert and Denis. Kodiak also is Nymph and Psyche. He at least some of the time also is “Queen Bee,” Paul and Tom.  Baphomet has many roles here on Earth. But he is not “magical” and relies on Grey technology to show off his “wonder” and his “miracles.” This is what Kodiak (Baphomet) really looks like:


  1. So, uh, putting aside the fact that you have absolutely zero evidence to back up your claims (and no, your interpretation of song lyrics do not constitute real evidence), why would these nearly all-powerful aliens leave behind such a seemingly obvious trail of clues.Think about it: if you were part of a secret cabal that rules the world and were concerned about maintaining your secrecy, why would create such an elaborate system of of symbols that could be deciphered by any ol’ schmuck on the internet? Is it just some sort of inside joke, like one alien turning to the other saying “you see how many references I managed to sneak into last nights episode of Real Housewives? Yeah, I’m pretty great,”.
    Either you are Poes, in which case: kudos, this is by far the most batshit crazy nonsense I’ve ever seen on the internet (and that’s including the flat Earth “theories”) or you have a serious psychological illness. I would tell you to seek help but I’m sure you’d just reply that all psychiatrists are really lizard-people trying to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids. But should you ever experience a brief moment of clarity, please consider getting treatment. There is no longer such a stigma attached to mental illness in this country as there once was. There is hope that you can live a normal life.

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  2. That clip is bull – all they did was find people who have similarities and hunt down a photo of each where they’re making the same facial expression, and have similar hair and makeup.


  3. There is a hideous attack planned by the Greys. See our recent post of the Heavy Breathing video that shows exactly, (EXACTLY), what the Greys do to human beings, and plan to do on a mass scale AT ANY MOMENT. Just last week the NY Times posted footage of one of their airships tracked on radar by a Navy fighter jet. Often they are undetectable with human technology. Wouldn’t it be smarter on your part, as a US Senator speaking not only for Montana citizens but also the only branch of the US government that could take any countermeasures, to err on the side of caution and at least refrain from disrespecting the people from outside of this “Earth” environment who are trying to warn you and help you? There is voluminous evidence in the public realm of the Greys’ current presence here on “Earth.” As a US Senator you also have access to far more classified evidence of the Greys’ “activities” here.

    We looked at your website, Steve Daines at http://www.daines.senate.gov, to see what kind of human being might call the people trying to help the human race “bug-fuck crazy” (perhaps that is colloquial to Montana, but we can’t envision what that entails). What we found on your front page is a photograph of you proudly displaying the lifeless body of a mountain lion that you hunted down and killed, for sport, which indicates to us that you do not respect life.

    We sincerely hope that you will grasp that the Greys view hunting humans as “sport” in much the same way that you view hunting innocent animals. They view themselves as a superior power and intellect, and torture human bodies AND SOULS because, as they explained to us, they enjoy hearing the sounds that the humans make as they are being dismantled piece by piece and consumed. Torturing humans is their “entertainment,” just as hunting mountain lions is yours. But the Greys are horrific beyond most humans’ capacity even to imagine. We are disgusted by both practices, the Greys AND YOURS, and discouraged that the human race has such a dimwitted individual to look out for its interests. The Greys pose an existential and imminent threat to humans. Donald Trump is in league with them, he is their LEADER. They are Satanic. They call themselves wolves who feed on God’s flock. We find it naive, but the Greys find it funny, that Trump, their leader, can throw the word “God” into a few press conferences and everyone then allows Satan himself to represent them as a “Christian.” He is Satan. Do the necessary work to read and understand this blog. We don’t know how else to reach you, when the people who purport to represent you behave like Steve Daines.

    The US Senate may be capable of taking action outside of your compromised Executive Branch. Heed our warning and prepare a plan. The Greys will cut your power and ALL of your communications very soon.

    To others who read this, get a solar charger, load up an MP3 player and get yourselves alternative “walkie-talkies” of some kind right away. The Greys MAY NOT send an EMP to disable all of your electronics since that may affect their own electronics already present here. We can and do send current messages in old and new songs. This means that a song you have been singing for 30 years is likely to contain verses that are messages regarding your current situation. We do this all the time. The Greys use the same means to communicate. Therefore some songs are helpful and others are confusingly sinister. Sometimes opposing messages may overlap within the same song. Print out a copy of the Code Word Lexicon posted on this blog and keep it with your MP3 player for reference. Also understand that you cannot rely on your government to organize or help you in any way, which Senator Daines has demonstrated.

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  4. We hope someone out there means it. We have details. The Greys caused the Mexico earthquake (watch the live footage on our blog and see the lasers in the sky, which they aim at the Earth to disturb the “tectonic” plates). They also caused the hurricanes. They have attacked you before, in different “time loop” versions of Earth. They intend to cause an Earthquake and Tsunami off the Southern California Coast within the next days to weeks.

    They also plan to literally divide the US but shearing it into two pieces along the Continental Divide. We are in 24/7 contact with them (the Greys), the Reptilians, the “Illuminati” Leaders (aka “the Parents”) and several groups of humans on Earth on what is called “the Tether.” Trump is on our Tether although he will pretend to have never heard of a Tether. Thousands of people are on various connecting Tethers. They are a sort of video conference call that is projected into the inside of your head. The Tether technology translates all speech by the different factions so that it is understood by all who participate.

    An example of Trump’s use of the Tether occurred when your Japanese Prime Minister or President visited and Trump forgot to put on his translator headphones. Yet he was nodding and smiling in AGREEMENT and in SYNC with what was being said in Japanese. That is because the Tether translates for him, and he forgot about the headphones. Look at the footage also of the TV reporters who KNEW what had happened, and how they offered odd excuses for how Trump seemed to understand Japanese.

    We try to provide examples of what we are talking about so that you’ll understand that what we report are the facts as best we can convey them. We are not offering “views” or “theories.” We are in continual contact with your attackers, and we are from the Outside environment, speaking through to this blog to share information with you. Please do more than consider our views. Heed our warnings. They may be the only advance notice you will receive. We are trying but cannot stop this planned attack.

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  5. We delete profane or rude comments. This blog is for information dissemination. We’ll try to answer any questions anyone may ask. We are trying to help you all here. We won’t keep abusive comments.

    Hera adds: Abusive comments will be deleted. You have no idea the HELL people endure to obtain and pass information on to you on this blog. The Greys plan to DELETE YOU. We are sorry that we cannot do more to help. Please contribute comments along the lines of helping humanity with this situation, or just read the posts, and skip the trolling comments. I am embarrassed and ashamed of this population which people Outside are working so hard to help and inform. Try to be worthy of our efforts. One day very soon you’ll realize that you squandered an opportunity to talk to people Outside of this environment, this Human Farm, who truly care about you. To know you have a real Creator who isn’t responsible for this situation. You don’t matter to your abductors, the Greys and Reptilians who cloned you into this environment, except as they put it, that they “enjoy playing with their food.” But you matter a great deal to people Outside and to your real Creator. You have been lied to about everything to do with the nature of your existence here. That’s “the Truth” that we are working to demonstrate to you. But we are out of time, and I won’t squander our last days playing games with intentionally ignorant people. I will delete rude and counterproductive comments.

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  6. Yes, that’s right, and here is why:

    Most if not all Travelers, Masons and Illuminati understand that “Cat” is a Code word for “evil wizard” or what they call a “Get” (as in “gonna get you,” like a scary monster). The Illuminati know that “Cat” also means “alien” (its opposite, “Dog,” means human).

    One human persona of Traveler Leader Kodiak is “Cat Stevens” and that is meant to be read as “Cat St. Evens” which in Traveler terms means an “evil Get” representing the “Evens” in the Family (its opposite, “odds” refer to aliens). Kodiak is the head of all the Traveler Family, so represents both groups, humans and aliens. Hence the name “Cat” (“odd” or alien) St. Evens (“even” or human). This duality also is represented in the image of “Baphomet” who is ALSO Kodiak, and he is “Lord” of the Illuminati. Baphomet is both male and female, if you look at images, such as this one showing both sexes (scroll down the page for Baphomet, and be sure to watch the video about DaVinci’s Last Supper which features numerous hidden images of Baphomet and his alien pals):


    Kodiak’s code names in songs and TV shows, etc include “China,” “Texas,” “Loner” as a play on the “Lone Star State,” “Colorado,” “the Ocean” and most importantly “The Moon” – and all other things evoking “darkness” rather than light.

    Hopefully this background will help you to understand that Kodiak, as Cat St. Evens, is singing about himself as the “Moonshadow” in his song of the same name. So what does Baphomet say about your life requirements after his Satanic Grey army attacks the human population on Earth?:

    Lyrics to Moonshadow by Cat Stevens, decoded in CAPS and parens:

    Oh, I’m bein’ followed by a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow— (That’s SATAN)

    Leapin and hoppin’ on a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow—(“HOPPING” is a reference to cutting off a victim’s legs. “LEAPIN'” is Code for “leapfrogging” which is Kodiak’s standard Code imagery for GANG RAPE)

    And if I ever lose my hands, lose my plough, lose my land, (THE GREYS ALSO CUT OFF VICTIM’S ARMS. They actually cut off your arms and legs, and rape your torso until you die)

    Oh if I ever lose my hands, Oh if I won’t have to work no more. (A DIRECT RESPONSE to your question!)

    And if I ever lose my eyes, if my colours all run dry, (THEY put a device on your face that pulls your eyes open and dries them out, which is VERY PAINFUL. It is shown in the movie “A Clockwork Orange,” and also in a Simpsons episode. The Simpsons is a message vehicle we use to pass information from the future about Baphomet’s plans for this Earth. In THIS POST, we show you a SIMPSONS EPISODE that has both the EYE TORTURE and the gang-rape “LEAPFROGGING”: https://herasblog.com/2017/09/11/simpsons-ep-about-my-murder-yours-secretly-being-broadcast-to-illuminati-travelers-satanic/)

    Yes if I ever lose my eyes, Oh if I won’t have to cry no more. (SAME, SEE THAT SIMPSONS CLIP LINK ABOVE)

    Oh, I’m bein’ followed by a moonshadow, moon shadow, moonshadow—
    Leapin and hoppin’ on a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow—

    And if I ever lose my legs, I won’t moan, and I won’t beg, (THEY PARALYZE YOUR VOCAL CORDS SO THAT NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM WHEN THEY CUT OFF YOUR LEGS, WHICH IS THEIR STANDARD TORTURE, SEE OUR NUMEROUS POSTS – JUST SEARCH “LEGS.” They cauterize the wounds and put you on an IV so that you will remain alive. They often torture Pizzagate Children this way for YEARS. They do plan to do this TO YOU, so we hope you will make the effort to read and understand this blog)

    Yes if I ever lose my legs, Oh I won’t have to walk no more.

    And if I ever lose my mouth, all my teeth, north and south, (THEY ALSO PUT DENTAL INSTRUMENTS IN YOUR MOUTH AND PULL YOUR TEETH OUT. See an image showing this in our post of Baphomet’s movie bragging about killing women, call The Cell: https://herasblog.com/2017/09/13/kodiaks-confessions-of-heras-upstairs-abduction-part-iii-the-cell-a-movie-about-dragging-hera-into-his-dream-graphic-images/ )

    Yes if I ever lose my mouth, Oh I won’t have to talk…

    Did it take long to find me? I asked the faithful light. (DID IT TAKE LONG IS CODE FOR THE GREYS. In our Lexicon posted here, https://herasblog.com/2017/11/25/the-family-thesaurus-travelers-masons-illuminati-code-word-lexicon/ – we explain that switching from present or future tense to past tense (“Did” in this verse, following present/future tense in earlier verses) signals that the line is about “aliens” (whereas switching from past or present to future signals a line about humans). Additionally we show on a grid the code words for alien, and one of them is “LONG” (code for the Greys specifically) whereas “short is Code for humans). Additionally lines in the form of a “question” are code for “alien.” And the word “it” is Code for “alien,” as a non-human being. Thus the first line of the verse says, overall: THE GREYS HAVE FOUND ME (Satan). And the second line again is a question format, so it is about aliens, but “FAITHFUL LIGHT” seems to refer to GOD or God’s Children. So Kodiak (Baphomet) is telling God the “light side,” speaking in the second person as the human “light” here being tortured, that the Greys have found him, and are torturing him)

    Did it take long to find me? And are you gonna stay the night? (SATAN AND THE GREYS HAVE FOUND ME, WILL YOU STAY WITH ME THROUGH THE DARKNESS? (or until the darkness passes? This may be meant to speak as the torture victim praying for God to help him. It also seems to be a taunt that the victim will be trapped and “the night” will “stay” with the victim until the victim dies.)

    Moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow.

    Once you understand the CONTEXT of the messages passed in many songs and TV Show dialogue, you’ll pick up on the sinister undertone. There aren’t that many Code words to learn in order to understand the messages. These messages are everywhere. You are in BAPHOMET’S DOMAIN here on Earth, unfortunately, and most of the songs and dialogue reference hideous torture he intends for the human population. He and the Greys are torturing thousands of people. Not just abducted children and adults, but also raising children in cages to sell as “pizzas.” And their technology is what is really attacking humans who believe they are “targeted individuals.” Grey technology is behind the acoustic attacks on US Diplomats’ families in Cuba. We are familiar with the tactics and technology.

    One day you may do the work to understand, and we welcome your sincere questions. We are trying to help the humans trapped here. And we are also trying to warn you. The Greys have very advanced technology, such as time travel and time shifting, which they use to TORTURE humans. You can be attacked 30 years into the future and have no current memories or scars. You can be attacked a year into the past, have your legs amputated and cauterized, and the result is that you look down in the present and your legs have magically disappeared beneath you. THIS IS THEIR STANDARD PRACTICE. See THEIR AC/DC song Who Made Who, decoded here: https://herasblog.com/2016/10/31/who-made-who-i-will-tell-you-also-jim-gates-theoretical-physicist-common-computer-code-necessary-to-string-theory-equations/

    Although they have advanced technology, their mental and emotional development is stunted. They LITERALLY spend their days torturing humans and singing of torturing humans. Their messages ALL are about TORTURING HUMANS. They use the same code words, and the same approach. Often song videos will cross-reference the same material, such as in this post comparing Heavy Breathing’s videos to Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun video: https://herasblog.com/2017/12/27/soundgardens-chris-cornell-majesticape-of-pizzagate-band-heavybreathing-video-comparison-both-are-human-personas-of-baphomet/

    Read the decoding posts on this blog until you get a handle on the hidden Coded messages. Once you do see the connections, you’ll be able to follow what is happening to the humans on Earth, who is responsible, and what they have planned.

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  7. YES. They knife you open. See this post of a video by Heavy Breathing, which is a GREY BAND, showing what they do to humans, especially children, but to all humans during the final attack on a time loop, which is where you actually are: https://herasblog.com/2017/12/27/pizzagate-band-heavybreathings-video-u-the-one-i-want-shows-how-these-greys-will-torture-the-humans-in-the-impending-attack-horrific/

    And this one about their “Panda Club”: https://herasblog.com/2017/04/02/fbi-cia-pizzagates-john-podesta-recording-torturing-a-child-decoded-illuminati/

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      1. I’m sorry but I’ve no more time now to update the blog much. Please print out the code word lexicon on the top of the front page and get an mp3 player loaded up with songs and a solar charger for it. We send current messages by throwing songs into your past. Old songs and new. All songs have messages. See the examples here of how to decode. About out of time. Read what you can and get East of the Continental Divide. We can’t stop them but from where we are this attack already has happened. Avoid cities and get East. It was Christmas but now moved to March 9 but they can revise that at will.

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  8. Much like Santa is an anagram for Satan, and Kodiak actually is BOTH, it is entirely possible that this troll who goes by “Gary” is actually a “GRAY” and a MEMBER of the Panda Club he thinks is “so cute.”

    His claim to be an “Angel” of “Spreadsheets” moreover COULD BE read to reference RAPING (“Spread”) the “SHE ETs” or female “ET’s” here. The “She ETs” refers to what the Travelers call “Twos” in their Family number and color system. Greys actually are Male ET’s, while the Twos are females. Kodiak and Bee have been lately trying to project the image that I am a “Traveler Two,” an evil witch alien entity.

    Gary, as I say all over this blog, I am NOT A TWO or a “witch” or anything of the sort. You have been lied to by Kodiak and Bee. I am Hera, and I am a ONE. My soul is WHITE. I am a One because it is the “parent color” of all of the other colors, including GREY. As Kodiak himself says in the song “She’s a Rainbow” on HIS Rolling Stones album called “Their Satanic Majesties Request,” I am a “SPECK OF WHITE SO FAIR AND PALE” who is DRESSED AS other colors in these time loops so that the humans here will attack me. “Have you seen her ‘dressed in’ BLUE?” “Have you seen her all in GOLD, like a Queen in days of old.” You are LIVING in the DAYS OF OLD. You are in a time window in the past that was opened by the Greys and the Neighbors (known Outside as the Boss) and is controlled by them. I am a Rainbow because although I am white my soul is holographically covered in other colors by the Greys. My colors are changed depending on which group Kodiak and Bee choose to have attack me on a given day or in a given week. Kodiak and Bee know WHO I AM, which is why they write songs like “She’s a Rainbow.”

    The Twos, by the way, are not MOSS as you Travelers have been told. Nor are they witches. In fact there is NO MAGIC here at all. Everything “magical” that you witness is caused by your abductors’ advanced technology. You are inside of their GRID. The real Twos are the Reptilians, who may be a species known as the Boss to the Outside, and who, like the Greys are PROJECTED into hybridized smaller versions of themselves within this environment (as “Reptilians”), but not physically here so that you cannot actually harm them.

    Do not attack any TWO, they will kill you and consume you before you even know what hit you. The people you’ve been attacking as Twos have been human beings that they hypnotize and mind-control to sound crazy and seem like “evil witches.” They may even believe they are crazy, evil witches. But in fact they are fellow humans. Do not attack anyone. The Reptilians (the Boss) have massive ships in your sky, and so do the Greys, and you will not fare well.

    Gary, I do believe that you are making references to being a member of the “Panda Club” and that “spreadsheets” is meant to be interpreted as a reference to “Spreading the She ET’s.”

    Your Creator is NOT KODIAK, even if you are a “Gray,” Gary. We are disappointed beyond measure at what we see the Greys, Reptilians, Boss AND HUMANS doing to harm innocent people and animals in this environment. Choose your actions knowing that your Creator is watching and is devastated that people of any kind are being harmed.

    Kodiak and the Greys and Neighbors (known Outside as Boss) abducted and cloned you into this environment. They have chosen to prey on the people who are unwitting hostages here. You are hostages but you still should understand that your abductors are Satanic: they hate their own Creator, and they hate Hera and her family trapped here. They hate all of “God’s Children.” As God’s Children (all of you whether Grey, Reptilian, Boss or Human), YOU MUST STOP FOLLOWING THEIR LEAD.

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    1. Trump is another human persona of Baphomet, who goes by “Kodiak” within the Travelers and Illuminati societies. The etiology of the name “Donald” is “ruler” and “Don” also refers to a Mafia Don. Many of his human personas have names of “Don” this or that. The last name of “Trump” means that he’s the “Trump Player” in the Illuminati Game. This Earth is their Illuminati Game with real live human game pieces. The leaders choose their own names and human bodies. Thus every name has meaning.

      We believe that Baph also is Jared Kushner, whose own building in New York is at 666 5th Avenue, but we base our belief on his actions and disposition. Baph enjoys playing dual and often conflicting roles, such as his human personas as Klansman David Duke, while also “occupying” Bill Cosby and OJ Simpson. For these lesser personas a Grey or Reptilian occupies that human body and Baph jumps around among them and also can control them remotely. That is why many of his personas may seem like two different people. For example you may have noticed the highly intelligent Donald Trump of the State of the Union address who seems like a completely different person than the difficult and inarticulate day-to-day Donald Trump who behaves more like a confused and spoiled child. That is a Grey operating that body. The body is actually “Reptilian” which you can see in numerous YouTube videos, but the personality controlling it is Grey. Pay close attention and you’ll notice there are two or maybe three distinct personas of Donald Trump. Jared Kushner, by contrast, appears to be highly intelligent in all representations that we’ve witnessed.

      Another persona of Baphomet’s is James Achilles Alefantis or “Jimmy Comet.” Baph is fixated on Greek (and Roman) mythology. Thus his middle name of the warrior Achilles, whose mother was the immortal nereid Thetis, while his father was the MORTAL Peleus. This goes along with Baph’s presentation as both alien and human, male and female. The name “Alefantis” is a play on “L’enfants” or “child lover” in French. The nickname “Jimmy Comet” is his joke about being from outer space (“Comet”). He also calls himself “Pan” – Pan was the god of the wild and hunting, and companion of the nymphs. He is depicted as being half human, while having the legs and horns of a goat, much like Baphomet is half man, half woman but also half beast. That is why Jimmy Comet’s Instagrams mention Pan, and Pan is painted onto a mural at Comet Pizza.

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        1. I will respond more tomorrow because I need to rest. The short answer is that I don’t know. We don’t know but we do know that not telling people what is happening guarantees that we have no chance. How can we address a problem no one knows we have? If you are on the coast, especially the West Coast, move inland. Visit friends or family, or even move if you can swing it. The latest thing they claim is that they will come in from the West, cause an earthquake and tsunami. Get an MP3 player loaded up with songs and a solar charger for it. We can change songs to pass messages. Even old songs have new messages. Since we alter them with time travel, it changes the song back to the original. That means we’ll have current news in songs that you’ll have been singing for 30 years. So you have to understand that all of the things around you contain current information. Everything. Songs, tv shows, movies and billboards. Even street signs. My streets are Roswell and Ransom, and Mira Mar which is the location of Top Gun school, although I am not in San Diego. We can change anything but trying to reach the masses we’ll probably do the songs. The power will be out. Print out the lexicon of code words that is on here. Print it out since the power will be out. We are still hoping that they will stop, but calling this winter storm “Grayson” and continually broadcasting about the “Bomb Genesis” which means, bombing us back to Genesis, indicates that they may not be delaying much further. I am sorry that there is no good news to follow the horrific. But you can be prepared to make some decisions, if you are informed. These beings are vicious beyond our ability to convey in words. Eventually this will stop. They will be stopped.

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  9. Hmmm, I don’t know. “I’m not an evil witch” seems like something an evil witch would say. And all this talk of you being important because you are white sounds kinda racist.


    1. No, but I am so glad you said that, because I want to tell all of you out there that those “COLORS” of your SOULS are overlays made by the Greys. We have ONE SOUL. All of you are pieces of my soul, and it is WHITE. Look up the hideous video to Who Made Who that we decode on this blog, which tells our ORIGIN STORY in this Grey Grid. Know that they apply the colors to divide you and keep your minds occupied on Traveler LIES that they created, and so that you as a “Secret Society Member” do not gather as a group to compare information and discover that everything here is a lie! (Indeed there are few, if any, humans here who are not members of some secret society they control. Most are Travelers.) The truth is that the Greys call us “Diamonds,” “Flowers” or “Money” (or dollars), in discussing our SOULS. We are a bright white light. Skin color is irrelevant.

      Kodiak and Bee, however, as all Travelers surely must know, are very racist. Kodiak’s human personas include both David Duke (head Clansman), AND Bill Cosby (head hypnotist-rapist). They hate minorities and Black people, because they hate all humans. They are ONLY PRETENDING to like you Fours, Fives, Sixes and Sevens. (In fact they hate the Fives particularly, as well as the Threes). BUT ALL HUMANS are slated to be attacked. The Greys and Reptilians also are holding or hiding behind sheets of my soul, colored to match every group, so that they appear to be humans to you.

      Kodiak and Bee simply want God’s Children to murder God’s direct family here before the Greys and “Reptilians” turn on and murder you, even though you just murdered ME to prove your loyalty to Satan. It is their game of “SAW” – just like that movie. Everyone loses at their game. It is hideous. But playing along or doing their bidding will not help you or your family. Hold onto your HUMANITY and your DIGNITY in the face of their ultimatums, and remember that they hate you and harm you because you are VERY MUCH Children of God. Keep in mind that they use hypnosis and mind control, remotely even, to steer your minds in the direction of harming each other. They can control your moods, thoughts, feelings, and actions. They can stimulate the pleasure center of your brain to make you believe you enjoy doing hideous things, while simultaneously remotely controlling you into taking action on that implanted urge. That is what Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine” is about. And Hera is the “diamond” referenced in their song “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.”

      As we mention in some posts, the Aurora Borealis acts as an electromagnetic fence that not only keeps your soul trapped here, but also obscures your bright WHITE lights from being seen by the universe Outside. The Reptilians control the fence. Since there are no Reptilians outside this environment, and Kodiak has given us a visual line up of the persons responsible for creating this TORTURE CHAMBER called “Earth,” we attribute the hostage situation and attacks to the Boss and the Greys.

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  10. In your last comment you mentioned this, “As we mention in some posts, the Aurora Borealis acts as an electromagnetic fence that not only keeps your soul trapped here, but also obscures your bright WHITE lights from being seen by the universe Outside.”
    My question is can we do anything to get rid of this prison fence. Cant God do something to help us. We have to fight back against evil there is power in God’s son’s name.


    1. You’ll have to read a lot of the blog and listen to all of the messages in every song and TV show and movie. Once you can collect and interpret the messages for yourself about what is going on here, it makes it easier to make the kind of mental leaps necessary to understand that everything we are taught here is a lie. Everything. It’s a human farm for the Greys. We are trapped. Your Creator is not “magical” and we are prisoners of Grey technology. They actually hate their own Creator and want to destroy him by destroying us. He is in here with us so that we know we are not alone. So that he can see what is happening and what he might be able to do to stop this situation. But the truth is that they have miniaturization tech, and hybridization tech, and massive massive ships, and time travel. So we inside here cannot fight them. And if we are seen from outside, perhaps some other race could figure out what is going on and try to help us, or at least stop this human farm. But we are not humans either. We are souls, and they come from one source, and they originate as one soul. The human bodies in here are miniaturized and hybridized. They mock us for what they have done in movies like Honey I Shrunk the Kids. They call humans “the Kids” or “Children.” Because they made them in here. But we are not humans. Our soul has been blasted to bits and put into humans here to animate their “farm.” They also call humans “chickens.” Our soul has been put into Reptilian forms too. They do not exist outside of here. The Grey hybridized them into their form. They are us. But they are indoctrinated into believing that we are to be preyed upon. Many humans also are indoctrinated in betraying other humans, with especially things like the Holocaust, and slavery. Those are movements intentionally started by the Greys to amuse themselves watching humans harming each other.

      A large segment of the human race here actually secretly believe in witchcraft because they are shown “magical things” by their leaders. That isn’t magic. It is ALL Grey technology. That is something we have known but could not tell you or else they would have attacked sooner. We are SORRY for that. (They aren’t speaking in code words, they are sorry for what is happening and that they cannot stop it.)

      Anyway the Greys will have to undo what they have done to OUR SOUL in order for us to even survive outside of here. They have no interest and no remorse. They are DELIGHTED to be destroying the pieces of God, the family of God. We don’t have access to technology to stop them. And to cease their existence, their lives, would require all the life inside their area to be destroyed. That would destroy us too. That is the issue. But at this point, we are so destroyed that it may be time to take that step. They are looking for the rest of me, outside of here, to capture and destroy and harm in here. That is what they buy time to do, pretending they may let us go. They will not. They are just buying time to find and destroy the rest of me. This system and they must be brought to an end.

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      1. Ok thanks. Its crazy how songs have hidden messages in them. Like the song “Royals”  by Lorde. She mentions Queen Bee in the song. I never thought about it before but after thinking about it there is a lot of hidden messages in that one to.


  11. Also what about those with rh negative blood type. Or someone who has a parent with that blood type. I heard a lot of different conspiracies regarding that.


  12. It is Hera speaking. I think there is some distinction to be made but when I asked just now the people on my Tether, which is a sort of 24/7 conference call they broadcast into participants’ heads (really), when I asked they said “no comment.” All of the groups of people here are represented on my tether. There are Reptilians, Greys and humans all running around as humans and I suspect that the cloning and the different groups have some bearing on the RH negative thing, but I don’t know. And as someone here just said, it isn’t really important (maybe that is true, but maybe that is extremely important, I don’t know). They think it more important to get the word out that there are reptilians and Greys who prey on humans who are running around in human bodies that they clone and occupy.

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  13. We will continue to update the songs with current messages. When we do that the change goes back to the point of origin so it will seem like it always was written that way. So the songs will continue to have new relevance as things develop. Listen to the Music, all the time.

    Don’t you feel it growin’, day by day
    People gettin’ ready for the news – “the news” is “the rapture”
    Some are happy, some are sad – “happy” is human, and “sad” is the 2s and 9s (alien)
    Oh, we got to let the music play

    What the people need
    Is a way to make ’em smile (“smile” in Traveler terms means to bring the heat or put them on broadcast. Hera is broadcast all the time and so when she is around, it is said that she “makes people SMILE”)
    It ain’t so hard to do if you know how (that is what Hera is doing, she has been running all over the country broadcasting our messages)
    Gotta get a message
    Get it on through
    Oh, now mama’s go’n’ to after ‘while (“mama” is Hera)

    Oh, oh, listen to the music
    Oh, oh, listen to the music
    Oh, oh, listen to the music
    All the time

    Well I know, you know baby
    Everything I say (Hera is broadcast to Travelers, every sound she makes. We are using that broadcast that the 9s, the Greys put on her, to get these messages out to people as she moves around)
    Meet me in the country for a day
    We’ll be happy (we’re speaking to the humans, this message is for the humans)
    And we’ll dance (“dance” is a code term for evasive maneuvers)
    Oh, we’re gonna dance the blues away (“blues” in Traveler terms means the heat again, the authorities who operate this grid where everyone is living. The Greys are coming to attack, out of the West, and we are trying to move people east toward Carolinas, W VA, VA but back from the coast by 100 miles or so)

    And if I’m feelin’ good to you (“feel” is code for alien (or witch, but those “witches” are actually aliens, and travelers call them “eels” while “f” stands for “female” which is code for aliens (male is human). A feelin’ good is a TWO, and a “feelin’ FINE” is a Nine)

    And you’re feelin’ good to me (If we are Twos. The 2s are called “good” and the 9s are called “great” to differentiate them. “Great” means GREY)

    There ain’t nothin’ we can’t do or say
    Feelin’ good, feeling fine – (If we are Twos or Nines. We are saying that there is NOTHING that the 2s and 9s can’t do, or say. They have control of the grid. They also have technology to mimic us and pretend to be us. There is nothing that they cannot do here. They literally can control the weather and they are pretending to be the Parents)
    Oh, baby, let the music play – (LISTEN UP, “baby,” which means “child” or “KIDS”)

    Oh, oh, listen to the music
    Oh, oh, listen to the music
    Oh, oh, listen to the music
    All the time

    Like a lazy flowing river (“lazy” and “water” both are code words for the authorities are watching)
    Surrounding castles in the sky (they are watching from the sky and they have you all surrounded)
    And the crowd is growing bigger (they are gathering for an attack, in the sky)
    List’nin’ for the happy sounds (“happy” means the humans. they are gathering and they are listening)
    And I got to let them fly (we cannot stop this attack)

    Oh, oh, listen to the music
    Oh, oh, listen to the music
    Oh, oh, listen to the music
    All the time

    Keep listening all the time. Because the songs will update at the point of origin, even if you have no radio to listen to, you can actually sing songs to yourself from memory and collect the messages as they are updated. We’ll do our best to update them.

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  14. If Earth is stuck in a time loop does that mean that we repeat our lives over and over?
    Same life in each loop or are they different? When does the loop start? 20th century?


  15. No. They are attacking the time loops and blowing them up for fun. They are Greys and they do everything you’ve heard that Greys do to people. Not to learn about us, for entertainment. This is loop 23. They clone people. You are really your soul. They can move it between bodies. But they torture and destroy bodies and souls. They are Satanic and they are hideous. And we can’t stop them. “Matrix 23” is where we are. The loops have varied in time frames. They also can upload memories into your mind that do not belong to you. Here’s a link to a website that discusses their technology all the time, but in terms that you can understand. This link talks about transferring memories from one snail to the other, but they do this with humans. They use their time travel ability to make sure that the human technology never becomes advanced enough to pose any threat. And they wipe out the loops every few decades. Loop 23 is due for an attack at any time. According to them.



  16. Hera I AM doing what I can as the Truth continues to solidify within me! Yet I am still “awakening” in process here to what was the truthful plan of this creation, human, earth ect. before “grey envy” stepped in to abduct us!
    I laugh with my “tinfoil hat time”… only way to stay soul in their fucking insanity!
    “I want out this Room, off this Ship & back to accomplishing Truth of Creations”
    So continue please with any help sent this way!
    I speak with other Light Ones & what is messing everybody up in ways is of course “words” used.
    Truth of Creation uses to define things,… matrix, avatar, hologram, filamentbut used with beauty of truth…
    Where we are trapped uses, matrix, avatar, hologram ref also.
    So its difficult speaking with Light Ones trying to share belief of may being on grey ship… but they see it as me awakening to the True Creation plans. Help me figure out how to differentiate.
    I believe I have a Voice! (Hope you dont mind I use Hera as my “company” name as in.. #HeraSource)
    I am Rainbow Warrior, I am & will Fight!
    I accepted being “Crazy” long time ago


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