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There is no sane-sounding way to tell you that we have a Grey alien infestation. That these Greys head up a Satanic organization that they call the “Illuminati,” and that with the use of their advanced technology including time travel ability, they effectively are holding the entire Earth hostage. Because they have time travel ability, once they are in our lives they infest the entire time stream to where there was no time that they were not here. They present themselves here as Reptilians under human “shells.”


Do you see it? Squint to see how they look to the sleeping human population.

They have rewritten our scripture, and our history. The movies now report our news, and the news is now Their movie. They are infesting our media and our government. They are Pizzagate, and they are even Sandy Hook. They may make up the actual majority of the “human” population. They replicate and use some sort of advanced holographic overlay to blend in. They make movies and shows mocking our situation. They sing songs obviously about destroying us, and we sing along. We’ll try to continue to point you in the direction of objective evidence. But it isn’t easy. Once you see one human’s eyes turn into snake eyes, that should get the message across. Yet people go right back to sleep.

This isn’t our clip but it hits the highlights of what is occurring here on Earth. We only add that we don’t view any beings on Earth as “sheeple” or see you in any derogatory light. And we correct that these Greys (a subset of which are the “Reptilians”) can and do attack from both within and from above, historically. We on Earth have no defenses for any of their capabilities, at present. We cannot defend ourselves against them from within. From Earth. Please watch this video, and read our blog. There are people from outside of this Earth who are doing everything they can to help. But step one is to make you all aware of what is happening.

The co-heads of the Illuminati, who call themselves Kodiak and Bea, are both Grey aliens, and they are plotting to kill our entire family and the entire human race. They occupy hundreds of human personas, and the Greys occupy millions of “human cloaks” or “human suits” as they call them. They are posing as our family here on “Earth” (which sits hundreds of years in the past from the “upstairs” environment where the Illuminati live) as Hera and David Sinclair, and as Jim Cramer and “Bee” aka “Anna,” and also as David’s brother Robert with the Others. Kodiak and Bea also pose as our children, especially with respect to the “Travelers.”  They are the secret heads of the Illuminati, Travelers and Scientology.  They use secretive societies to shield their activities from the awareness of the human population at large.

They are torturing and killing all of our family and the entire human race, over and over again, by killing us and then opening time loops to our past to do it again. This is why this “Earth” now sits hundreds of years in the past, because we are literally “spinning our wheels” here. If you read this from upstairs or outside, do not rush into this environment, you likely will be trapped here too. Be aware that they imitate our entire family.  David


  1. So, uh, putting aside the fact that you have absolutely zero evidence to back up your claims (and no, your interpretation of song lyrics do not constitute real evidence), why would these nearly all-powerful aliens leave behind such a seemingly obvious trail of clues.Think about it: if you were part of a secret cabal that rules the world and were concerned about maintaining your secrecy, why would create such an elaborate system of of symbols that could be deciphered by any ol’ schmuck on the internet? Is it just some sort of inside joke, like one alien turning to the other saying “you see how many references I managed to sneak into last nights episode of Real Housewives? Yeah, I’m pretty great,”.
    Either you are Poes, in which case: kudos, this is by far the most batshit crazy nonsense I’ve ever seen on the internet (and that’s including the flat Earth “theories”) or you have a serious psychological illness. I would tell you to seek help but I’m sure you’d just reply that all psychiatrists are really lizard-people trying to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids. But should you ever experience a brief moment of clarity, please consider getting treatment. There is no longer such a stigma attached to mental illness in this country as there once was. There is hope that you can live a normal life.


  2. That clip is bull – all they did was find people who have similarities and hunt down a photo of each where they’re making the same facial expression, and have similar hair and makeup.


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