Illuminati's Message To Our Attackers: "Be quiet and wear Kevlar" for your sneak attack on your own CREATOR (video decoded). In Other Words: AIM FOR THE HEAD, HUMANS. Greys: You cannot harm your Creator! That will be the end for everyone.

These short Bold and Beautiful clips show messages being sent from the Illuminati leaders and Grey aliens Kodiak and Bea … More

The hidden hideousness of Samantha Bee, secret Head of the Illuminati and Travelers "Family" and called "Queen Bee." The very same Bea we've been telling you about in nearly every post. Jan 11, 2017 show deciphered here in horrific, graphic detail (ADULTS ONLY).

In this post we are deciphering Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal episode aired Jan 11, 2017. Recently we decoded an image … More