Turn Your Hymnals (Which is Code for the Ikea Catalog) to Pages 27-28 for "The Inspiring and Utterly Improvisational Cooking Style of Psyche" (here Jonah Reider, which read aloud means "Jon ah" which is Code for a mob boss as Jon and "Ah," and "Rider" – a human "Rider" – in other words an Illuminati boss from upstairs who comes down to our Earth to "ride humans.")

I refer to the Ikea catalog as a Hymnal to make the point to you that these Satanic assholes use … More

Please understand something- Bea has known David and our family for 2000 years with the Others. She is also "upstairs." She knows how we interact and she knows what *will happen* today, months ago. This is why everything we do and discuss feels like a scripted play of Bea's. She saw developments in the future, and then threw mock skits of developments back in time, so that when the real thing came along, everyone would assume it was just another "skit" of Bea's.

In this way she makes everything seem like nothing to be alarmed about. Be alarmed. She killed us up there … More

About an hour or so ago Psyche (Bea) filled the room with guys wearing Virtual Reality glasses – this reality is not virtual. The glasses only show Bea's OVERLAY – her holographic overlay of me looking like I WANT to be raped. Take off the glasses and you'll see that my children, and David and I do not want to be gang raped by you people.

I think I killed all of you now and you have woken up. We also tried killing your biz men … More