To My Father: Bea of The Greys gained Creator Control and holds me and my family hostage in a simulated universe buried WITHIN our own -DO NOT RUSH IN HERE – They may follow you back up, they are also upstairs, or upload your mind into their system here or above. They intend to trap and kill you. Read all of these messages. David

Bea, Psyche and Kodiak have gained my creator access to my universe, and created a pocket simulated universe within our … More

WHO MADE WHO? I WILL TELL YOU. Famous Physicist James Gates on his surprise finding that String Theory explaining the multiverse contains common internet programming code. Why? The answer is in the lyrics to Who Made Who.

Everything is connected. Who Made Who, Who Made You?  We will tell you by decoding the lyrics to this AC/DC … More

Turn Your Hymnals (Which is Code for the Ikea Catalog) to Pages 27-28 for "The Inspiring and Utterly Improvisational Cooking Style of Psyche" (here Jonah Reider, which read aloud means "Jon ah" which is Code for a mob boss as Jon and "Ah," and "Rider" – a human "Rider" – in other words an Illuminati boss from upstairs who comes down to our Earth to "ride humans.")

I refer to the Ikea catalog as a Hymnal to make the point to you that these Satanic assholes use … More