About an hour or so ago Psyche (Bea) filled the room with guys wearing Virtual Reality glasses – this reality is not virtual. The glasses only show Bea's OVERLAY – her holographic overlay of me looking like I WANT to be raped. Take off the glasses and you'll see that my children, and David and I do not want to be gang raped by you people.

I think I killed all of you now and you have woken up. We also tried killing your biz men … More

You are NOT safely away over there on that other sphere! We are TWINNED in the other loops and BELIEVE IT she can and does swap us out individually according to her whims; UP THERE also is NOT SAFE. Bea (aka Psyche) is there and is cataloging your "psyches," (in case you missed Psyche's pun), i.e., your conscious minds and "transferring" them to here: Moreover what you see happening over here often is EDITED BY BEA with HOLOGRAPHIC OVERLAYS; This is not a "Graveyard" littered with corpses! But both spheres are NOW long extinct and therefore are now Graveyards.

This picture is a representation of The Two Earths that came from one of Bea’s blogs down here, and that’s … More