Scary. But squint and look at this picture. That is what Illuminati Grey alien mind control and hologram technology causes you to see. Open your eyes a little and see who IT really is. Notes on the Lizard behind the curtain.

Bee is the Grey alien holding the world hostage with advanced mind control, hologram and time travel technology.  Greys are … More

This situation is new, with David being here from upstairs, and evidence of an extinction event on the horizon. But MANY of the events leading up this have occurred before in past loops.

David’s son also named David (known to the others as Jim Cramer), has been living with the others who are … More

Psyche is Bea and is a Grey alien; She is sending very high voltage electric shocks to David's mind. She is destroying him; This is David from upstairs so if you have any way to intervene – to make it stop – please do so – he is YOUR CREATOR (Greys) and ours – and we, and you, will not last long without him.

He came here to find his son David and learn why we are extinct from where he was sitting. He … More

Please Pay Attention if You Have Just Come Through the Window – Hera/Jennifer is abducted from upstairs and is my wife – please don't harm her – read this blog at and stop and listen to what is going on here. Bea has trapped you here too now and we are all relying on each other to find a way out. Don't attack or harm anyone down here. Try to wake up IMMEDIATELY or you may never, then get help.

This is my wife, she is not a virtual reality fake “victim” down here. She’s a real human being abducted … More