The hidden hideousness of Samantha Bee, secret Head of the Illuminati and Travelers "Family" and called "Queen Bee." The very same Bea we've been telling you about in nearly every post. Jan 11, 2017 show deciphered here in horrific, graphic detail (ADULTS ONLY).

In this post we are deciphering Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal episode aired Jan 11, 2017. Recently we decoded an image … More

About an hour or so ago Psyche (Bea) filled the room with guys wearing Virtual Reality glasses – this reality is not virtual. The glasses only show Bea's OVERLAY – her holographic overlay of me looking like I WANT to be raped. Take off the glasses and you'll see that my children, and David and I do not want to be gang raped by you people.

I think I killed all of you now and you have woken up. We also tried killing your biz men … More

Bea hates our family so much that there are multiple games of raping and mutilating Hera running simultaneously, on twins of Hera from other loops. Bea forces our own children to "Emcee" these Satanic "Shows" – these shows of killing your Creator's family must stop.

Even if we were not your Creator’s family, though we are, these shows must stop. Do you want me to … More